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How to earn WCX tokens?

How To Earn WeCoOwn Reward Tokens (WCX)

The WeCoOwn Rewards program is intended to build the initial user participation momentum until the a certain number of active members have been achieved. The total authorized and issued tokens are of a finite limited amount. The following are the ways the charter users can earn WCX tokens when the supplies are still available.

1) Rewards for Member's Active Participation on the Platform:

Any users can earn tokens by signing up and register as a free Regular Member on the WeCo platform with three eligible properties or assets that they already own into the user's My Portfolio page.

Potential sellers can earn WCX tokens when they list their properties or assets for sale or for lease.

Potential buyers can earn WCX tokens when they make active due diligence research discussions with other members on the platform or when they actively comment regarding the merits and risks of the properties and assets posted by other members on the platform. They will also earn tokens when they form and lead a new co-ownership buyer group as an Admin to co-purchase a property or an asset with other co-owners.

2) Rewards for Regional Directors Located in Various Cities:

Self-driven independent entrepreneurs who are familiar with online commerce, various social media channels and have a marketing savvy can apply and get appointed by the WeCoOwn Central Service Bureau (CSB) as a Regional Director (RD) in their cities to promote the platform, recruit new members and facilitate the users in their countries with educational programs on how users in their countries could form legal structures, perhaps through other third party professional services providers to co-own properties or assets together.

RDs can earn tokens by recruiting more active users in their cities to become registered members of the WeCo platform. They will also earn tokens by providing essential education efforts and guide the users through the navigation of the systems and the intelligent uses of the platform.

3) Affiliate Marketers:

Affiliate marketing partners could also sign up with WeCoOwn CSB to earn WCX tokens with the confirmed sign-ups of new members. 

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